Top 25 Reasons to Use Rentals for your Event

Top 25 Reasons to Use Rentals for your Event  

Rental companies, the superheroes of the event world!

1.       You don’t have to buy! You can have that beautiful china you spied in Martha Stewart Magazine and lust after for your dinner party for less than a quarter of the cost, PLUS

2.       You don’t need to worry about where and how to store it, AND

3.       No washing required! The linens, glassware and plates are ready to use when they arrive. At the end of the event, simply place the items back in the rack for the rental company to pick up.

4.       Yes, I said pick up. The rental company will take care of getting the items to and from your event location, it doesn’t get much easier!

5.       The possibilities are just about endless! No matter the theme, season, or look, chances are that a rental company has the items to make your vision come to life.  

6.       Love Boat theme? No problem. Royal wedding? Sure Thing. Rustic Chic? Done, and done. 

7.       Rental companies work with LOTS of area vendors and can give their professional recommendations on venues, florists, caterers and photographers.

8.       If they aren’t able to accommodate your request, they will recommend another rental company that will be best for your needs.  

9.       Because the staff works with professional caterers, and possibly your caterer, they will likely have insight to what their particular needs are, making communication with your vendors much easier!

10.    Let’s say you’re in a pinch and completely forgot a certain aspect of your event – say a coffee station, for example. Rental companies typically have their inventory handy and can have the items ready the week, day prior or even the day of your event!

11.    Too many wonderful ideas? Event specialists with a full knowledge of their inventory will listen to your vision, offer options and creative input.

12.    Aren’t the creative type? Rental companies often post ideas on their website or social media sites, and they may even have displays in their showroom to inspire you!
13.    Are you a visual person? That’s exactly what the showroom is for! You can even set up a mock table with different looks to determine what will work best.

14.    If you are one of those few talented individuals who can visualize – typically an inventory database is kept on the rental company’s website where you can peruse items, create a wish list or quote and estimate cost.

15.    Renting is green! Reusing some items dozens if not hundreds of times is the ultimate form of recycling!

16.    Whether you’re looking for the latest trend or a classic look – rental companies will always have options to choose from.

17.    Rental items create a lasting, professional impression for your guests and make it look like you hired a designer for your event!

18.    Found the perfect venue, but need more space? A tent is a great way to supplement the event space and create a separate area for your guests to eat, dine, or dance in without worrying about weather!
19.    Don’t have time to set up your tables and chairs? Rental companies may offer this as an optional service.

20.    Unexpected cold front coming through the day of your event? Portable heaters are available to add warmth and glow!

21.    Your local event rental company can also help you create beautiful centerpieces when an expensive floral arrangement may not be in the budget. Votives, floating candles or lanterns all make great alternatives!

22.    You went with a hotel for your three-day business event, great choice! Almost everything you need is on site and provided by the hotel which works out perfect for your meetings. However, for the reception on the last day, you want to transform the room and create a fun, festive atmosphere. Ditch the traditional hotel ballroom chairs, throw on some beautiful shiny linens, add up-lighting to the perimeter of the room and drop down a dance floor. Voila!  

23.    Need a charcoal or gas grill for your family reunion? Rental companies have those too!

24.    Your event has grown to three times the number of people than originally expected. How will everyone see and hear the speaker? Rental companies often carry staging, podiums, microphones, and audio visual equipment, helping to make your event is a home run!

25.    Whether your party is for 10 or 100 people, rental companies can are here to help plan events of all sizes with options ranging from casual to extravagant!



The Rental Show, Las Vegas Nevada

Last week rental professionals from around the world gathered at the Sands Expo & Conference center in Las Vegas for The Rental Show. Thousands of attendees were buzzing with excitement to see the hottest trends in special event equipment for 2013! For anyone who’s anyone in the industry, The Rental Show is the place to find the next great thing that their customers, caterers, and restaurants have been asking for as well as items that the competition doesn’t have.

 Some of the world’s largest producers of tables, chairs, linens, and china attend the event each year with the hopes of introducing the season’s newest colors and patterns for the first time. French Country and Rustic Chic trends were still holding strong in Vegas, demonstrated by hot items such as vintage china, burlap adorned table décor, country chic lattice work and whitewashed furniture. Since Brides and planners alike will always remain enchanted with the idea of outdoor wedding ceremonies, receptions and events, outdoor lighting options – including functional and attractive patio heaters – piqued the interest of many show  attendees. Also in the mix for this season are brightly colored linens, chargers and other accent pieces paired with modern whites, fresh neutrals or antique metallics. 








 Not only does The Rental Show unveil the newest equipment in the special event world, the show also includes a full schedule of seminars to inject fresh business ideas and inspire new concepts with the goal of keeping the rental professionals on a constant quest to excel.  Mark Kelly was the keynote speaker, inspiring listeners with tales of his ups and downs as a fighter pilot, his ultimate achievement of becoming an astronaut, as well as the heroic recovery stories of his wife, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. His message was clear – though you may not start off being the best, through perseverance, hard work and dedication, you can excel; a concept everyone can be inspired by.

 The popular phrase says “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Needless to say, the new products we saw and ideas learned in Vegas won’t be staying this time! A week later, new equipment is rolling into the warehouse and into our customer’s eager hands. Stay tuned for additional Facebook posts and blog entries for further details on the new inventory purchased by American Party Rentals at The Rental Show!


Top 5 Rentals for a Holiday Office Party

Who says you can’t have fun at the office? Show your employees a great time this season by planning a holiday party to remember! Rentals can spice up your décor and add a unique touch to your space or party theme. Did we mention you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes at the end of the night? Check out our Top 5 rentals list for those last minute items you may need for your festive holiday office party:

1. Chafing Dishes

Silver Chafing Dish

Keep your food warm and your buffet table looking flawless with chafing dishes. Add some Christmas spirit by using candelabras or garland at the ends of the table.

2. Glassware


These gold rimmed glasses can add a special touch to your holiday event. Instead of worrying about clean up after the party, just leave the empty glasses back in the racks, and we wash them for you!

3. Cocktail Tables with Linens

Fuqua SOB at Nasher (14)

Give your guests a place to mingle by scattering cocktail tables throughout the room. This is another great way to incorporate holiday colors into your party by using red, green, gold, or silver linens. Use a 120” round cloth to reach the floor or a 132” cloth if you plan to use a table tie to dress up your cocktail table.

4. Specialty China


Impress your guests by presenting your food in a unique way. We have a wide selection of mini pieces that are fun to use and easy to hold.

5. Cupcake Tree


Instead of sheet cake this year, have cupcakes or mini treats for dessert! Using a cupcake stand will make it easy for your party goers to serve themselves and will also make for an eye catching dessert table.

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