Planning a Backyard Affair

Working in the rentals industry, we are exposed to many different types of events—from upscale, extravagant weddings to casual family reunions. However, the biggest trend we’ve seen on the rise is a backyard affair, more specifically, backyard weddings. More and more of our customers are choosing intimate spaces, like a residence, to host their big day. Whether it is an outdoor space at a friend’s home, a historical property, or small B&B, there are many ways to make your event unique to you and your style. No matter the size or location, here are a few inspiring tips to help you get on the right track toward planning a beautiful backyard event.

Rent a Tent.

In addition to the property you’ve chosen, a tent can act as overflow space or as the main “ballroom area”. A tent will allow the beauty of the outdoors in, but still provide you with a blank open space, ready to be transformed—not to mention, tents provide you with the perfect solution for a rain plan! Once you have decided you’d like the security of a tent’s shelter for your event, you will have many additional options available to you. Heaters or fans, sidewall and lighting are useful accessories that you can rent as well. A great benefit of renting a tent from a professional is that they will determine what size is appropriate for the property and will help you design a custom layout for your event.

Strategic Placement.

Once you’ve determined that the yard will accommodate your guest count, a huge factor to consider next is the layout. Remember, you will be embracing the outdoors and Mother Nature has some friends we’d rather not see present– like rain, heat or wind. You’ll want to consider the placement of the food, drinks and cake tables to avoid any potential disruption from the outdoors. You may also want to think about how you are going to create movement throughout the space. Your guests will naturally be drawn to food and drinks or things they don’t normally come across on a daily basis. Break up the bar into two sections spaced away from each other, or even set up some activities for your guests to participate in, like a photo booth or games area.

Choose a Theme.

The best part of planning an event is designing your vision. When you decide on a color combination or overall theme you’d like to use, making decisions for the rest of the event will come much easier. Using a backyard as your venue space, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a theme. Get inspired by the season’s colors, by the time of day your event is, or by the significance that the location has to you. A helpful step toward bringing your vision to life is choosing a linen color. Once you have your base colors decided, you can work up from there. Design a center piece, create your tablescape décor, and choose lighting to set the mood for your backyard event.

Let American Party Rentals assist you with renting a tent and more for your next backyard affair!


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