2012 Summer Olympics Party

This summer’s long awaited event has finally arrived! The XXX Summer Olympics 2012 begins tonight in London, England as the world’s top athletes introduce themselves at the opening ceremony. This special event brings the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends to support your favorite teams and enjoy the excitement of the games. No matter if you’re hosting a gathering for the opening night, or just watching your favorite sporting event with friends in the next few days, don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when preparing for your party!

Decorate like a Pro

Go for the Gold! One of the first things viewers think of when it comes to the Olympics are the medals awarded. Bring the spirit of the events to your party by adding gold, silver, and bronze to your color scheme. What better way to do this than using colorful linens on your table?

Use Silver, Gold, and Bronze linens to decorate your tables

Feast like a Champion

Besides making sure everyone has a seat to view the games, be sure you have plenty of food and drinks. The Olympics is a time to show your patriotism for the USA, so why not have the food to match. You may want to rent a grill and have a cookout serving “all-American” burgers and hotdogs, or serve foods from around the world– English style fish and chips, Greek salads, or Italian pastas would make a great international feast. Another fun way to bring an international flavor to your event, is to provide guests with different beers from around the world!

Rent an Ice Chest or Pint Glasses for your drinks

After all, the summer Olympics only comes around once every four years, so why not celebrate? Happy Olympics!


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