Pull up a Chair

Chairs are one of the most frequently rented items for events. They are also one of the most important for your guests—especially since they will be sitting in them for at least 3 to 4 hours! Not only is there the comfort level to keep in mind when choosing a chair, there is also the visual aspect. Believe it or not, chairs can make a huge difference in terms of aesthetics and can bring a whole different element to the theme of your party. No matter how you visualize your event to look, there is a chair for you! View our options to see which one will suit your needs!

Folding Plastic Chair

This is typically the type of chair you would use for an outdoor ceremony, meeting and conferences, or any casual event. They are comfortable and affordable chairs, and can easily be dressed up to provide a more formal look if desired.


Padded Folding Wood Chairs

The folding wood chairs come in a variety of shades and are extremely popular for outdoor events. Additionally, these versatile chairs look great in any casual, rustic, or even industrial event spaces!

Chiavari Chairs

This is a classic ballroom chair that offers a variety of finishes, and cushion options to go with them. Mostly used at weddings and banquets, they are beautiful chairs that bring a sense of elegance to any venue.

Specialty Chairs

Bring a contemporary and chic style to your event with any of these specialty chairs! They provide a unique element to any party and will create a lasting impression on your guests.


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