Choosing the Right Size Linen

Whether your event is a backyard barbeque or an indoor banquet, the linen on each table can really determine the tone of your party. If you are looking for a causal feel, you may want to use a midway length linen on each table. If you want to bring a formal or elegant atmosphere to your event, think about choosing a floor length size linen.

You may know exactly what mood you want your event to have, but how do you choose what size linen will look and fit best on your tables? Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself before you rent your linens:

  1. What size and shape is your table?
  2. What length do you want your linen to be?
  3. What is your budget?

After you have the answers to these questions, take a look at our helpful Linen Size Chart to determine what size linen you will need.


Once you have determined what size linen you are looking for, view our linen rental inventory for color and material options!


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